Universal Language: Syrian clarinetist shares blended classical tunes at San Fernando Cathedral

May 2016

San Antonio Magazine

When Kinan Azmeh’s parents wanted him to learn a musical instrument as a child, they didn’t just enroll him in lessons. They also picked up instruments themselves.  “We used to play for guests as a family,” says Azmeh, now a renowned clarinetist and composer. “That’s the best advice I have for parents: If you want your kids to learn an instrument, you should play.”

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Charles Lloyd and 'The Marvels' Take Audience Around the World

February 14, 2016

The Rivard Report

The beauty of a jazz musician lies not only in their talents as a keeper of time, space, improvisation, and the sacredness of the art form, but also in their ability to be a chameleon. They can change color and even form with such ease and grace that you find yourself on a ride through the spectrum of human emotion.

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The Third International Music Festival Will Feature 5 Free Performances

February 11, 2016

San Antonio Current

Instead of taking the trip to exotic places around the globe, San Antonio's International Music Festival is bringing culturally diverse music to your backyard.

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Building Musical Bridges

February 2016

Local Community News

Free concerts featuing diverse talents strike the right notes from Boerne to San Fernando Cathedral, fans say.

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Building Bridges Through Music Festival

February 10, 2016

Texas Public Radio

A short International Music Festival will fill the next two weekends in San Antonio. The festival is put on by San Antonio-based Musical Bridges Around the World, which Artistic Director Anya Grokhovski said has a pretty high-minded objective.

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International Music Festival: 'Uniting People Once Concert at a Time'

February 9, 2016

The Rivard Report

Musical Bridges Around the World has made connecting the world with music their mission. The local nonprofit's third annual International Music Festival is the epitome of this mission and begins on Friday, Feb. 12 with performances running through Sunday, Feb. 21

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